Are you raising little eco warriors?

Are you raising little eco warriors?

There’s no escaping the fact that our kiddos are growing up in a very different world than we did. With greenhouse gas emissions at an all time high and more than a million species facing extinction, we all need to be doing our bit to make a change. And arming our little ones with the eco knowledge they need as they grow means that we can help to raise a generation of absolute planet heroes!


However, in a world of disposable plastic toys and social media pressure, doing that doesn’t necessarily feel like an easy feat. Try not to stress. Teaching the younger generation about the importance of acting sustainably doesn’t have to be super intense and stressful…


Are you raising little eco warriors


3 (stress-free) tips for raising sustainable citizens

Make eco a part of their routine 

What’s one of the best ways to learn? Repetition! Just like the flashcards your kids use for spellings, getting them to repeat eco activities frequently will make them almost subconscious.

If you go to the park each week, make a habit of picking up 3 pieces of litter while you’re there. Get your little ones to scrape their orange peels into the compost bin at breakfast. Swap their plastic toothbrush for bamboo so that they’re being low-waste every day. Actually, twice a day!

Use the power of entertainment

Nobody wants to listen to boring stats and never ending lectures. Especially your kids!

So think about how you can get them involved with sustainability in a way that is fun for them. This could even be as simple as incorporating items you have at home (read: cereal boxes!) into craft time. 

The Big Green Activity Book is full to the brim with ideas to keep them busy, whilst simultaneously instilling sustainable values.  

Reading is also a great way to entertain as children learn. There are so many options out there, from baby books, to those suited more to teens

Model sustainable behaviours

The most important one: Be the change you want to see! Your kids are mimicking you every day. You’re likely their biggest role model, so if you want them to grow into sustainable adults, it’s important that you are one. 

From the coffee you buy, to the recycling you sort, every step in the right direction will show your kids just how important being eco-conscious is.

Model sustainable behaviours

Natural Product Focus

Remember we spoke about making eco a part of your kiddo’s daily routine? That includes their skincare!

Our gentle Foaming Face Wash is the perfect place to start. It works wonders to clear the pores of dirt and grime (bound to be found on the face of any little eco warrior), whilst still being suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. Whether it’s apple, orange flower or unscented, we’ve got a formula that you and your little ones will absolutely love.


Oh! And did I mention it’s 99% natural?




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