The only New Year detox we believe in!

The only New Year detox we believe in!

Happy New Year, all! And welcome to 2023. We truly hope you had a wonderful chance to rest over the festive season and are now feeling prepared to move into January with a spring in your step! We know that we certainly are.

Confession time: Detoxes are not our usual style.

Or, at least, they’re not our style when they involve juice cleanses, ridiculous exercise regimes and nothing but pressure to make life look Instagram perfect.

However, we do love the new year as a signal to shift behaviours slightly. There’s nothing wrong with trying to be your happiest self, especially as parents who too often push our own needs to one side. This doesn’t mean being hard on yourself, but instead trying to improve your wellbeing, with grace and ease.

So consider this a gentle detox for 2023. The Natural Organic Family way.

Cleanse your life and your mind in 4 steps

1. Clear up your tech’s act

Stepping into the new year, we firmly believe that one of the best things you can get rid of is mental clutter. And a phone full of unwanted apps and files can often feel overwhelming, only adding to your brain’s sense of overload. 

To give your tech a detox, dedicate some time (in one chunk or across several days) to get rid of anything you don’t need. Clear out your photos and videos, delete applications that you haven’t opened since 2020 and be rid of those stale texts that you’ll never read again. 

You’ll be surprised just how much better you’ll feel for it!

2. Give your wardrobe some love 

That sequin jumper that’s hanging right at the back of your wardrobe? It’s time to say “farewell”.

Get your Marie Kondo on and ask yourself whether the clothing items you’ve got at home are bringing you joy. Or, if you want to be a bit less “granola”, ask yourself when the last time you wore it was. If it was more than a year ago, that’s almost a certain sign that it should be making its way to the local thrift shop.

You could even commit to selling the items online, not only giving them a new loving home and stopping them from going to landfill, but making you some extra pennies too.

3. Get your skincare in check 

If there’s one person who knows about an overflowing skincare cupboard, it’s me. However, since switching to natural and organic products all those years ago, I was forced to purge.

For the sake of your health, your skin and the planet, ditch products that are filled with unnecessarily harsh chemicals. Instead, opt for those that are made with your wellbeing and the environment in mind.

We’re not suggesting that it has to be us…But it’s true that all of our products are cruelty-free, prioritise organic ingredients and that we plant a tree with every purchase! Shop the range here

4. Clean, the natural way 

As the final step to detoxing your life for 2023, it’s time to deep clean.

Step away from the bleach though!

Your home deserves to feel fresh and cleansed without the intense fake fragrances and dizzying list of chemicals. This brilliant blog post outlines 20 DIY natural cleaning recipes to make sure every inch of your house is sparkling. From your toilet to your windows, it’s got you covered.

Natural Product Focus

Perfect for that much-needed New Year reset, our Vitamin C serum smooths fine lines, soothes and tones, to reveal a glowing complexion. It brings together the natural power of vitamins A, C and E, alongside hyaluronic acid, to boost collagen production and protect from free radicals.

Basically, it’s a fresh start in a bottle!

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