Are you feeling suitably spooky?

Are you feeling suitably spooky?

I know that I am!

The air has a chill, pumpkins are starting to pop up everywhere and I’m ready to watch The Witches on repeat.

However, as much as I love the season of all things scary, I can’t help but think about the waste too. In fact, it might be the scariest part of all! Like all big holidays, it seems as though halloween brings with it a whole host of unnecessary plastic and items that ultimately end up in landfill. 

In the US alone, about 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste is created from people throwing away Halloween costumes. That’s before we mention decorations, sweet wrappers and wasted food...

So, if you’re looking to make the most of the holiday fun, without the waste, we’ve got you covered: Here are sustainable crafts the whole family will enjoy. 

3 spookily sustainable crafts

  1. Ghostie Garland 

I love using dried oranges at Christmas to make seasonal garlands, but I’d never thought about making something for Halloween with them. Until I saw this beautiful creation by @root_for_food:

By using old pieces of cloth, string and oranges, this is a very simple DIY that your kiddies can get involved with. Here’s a tutorial for drying out your citrus.  The rest is pretty self-explanatory!
  1. Pumpkin carving 

Who doesn’t enjoy carving pumpkins at this time of year? I love this blog post, which is full to the brim with design inspiration. 

The best part is, that with some small changes, this fun family-time activity can be made eco-friendly. The canvas you’re using is already biodegradable, but make sure that you dispose of it properly. Food that is left to decompose in landfill produces greenhouse gases. So, once your creepy creations are past their best, try to compost them or pop them in your dedicated food waste bin. 

On top of this, don’t waste the innards! 60% of consumers don’t end up eating the flesh. Make a cake or a pie instead. You can also toast the seeds for the perfect breakfast topper.


  1. Hanging bats

This is a great one for younger kiddos.

Using an old toilet roll tube, plus some crafty bits you probably have at home, these upcycled bats make adorable decorations. And they’ll keep little hands busy for an hour too!

Get the full instructions and template here

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Wishing you a conscious week,

Marili, Founder of The Natural Organic Family

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