Do this after school for a happier family!

Do this after school for a happier family!

Ah, back to school season.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got mixed feelings about this one!

Whilst I’m excited to get some semblance of a routine back, I’m also sad to see the back of summer. The longer days, the time with family and the break from all things “go go go” allowed us to fully reset.

And, as we step into September, I’m hoping to continue this sense of mindfulness. I want my whole family to retain the headspace of the summer, even as our collective to-do lists get longer and more pressing. 

How about you?

3 mindful activities for after school

Whether you’ve got 10 minutes or an hour, these activities are great for helping kiddos big and small to recalibrate after a full-on day of lessons. Who doesn’t want calmer evenings, after all?

Kid’s Yoga

Whilst Tripod Headstands with Lotus Legs might be off the table for your little ones, they don’t need to be left out of mindful moments!

Youtube is full to the brim with brilliant, child and teen-friendly practices that will help them to find a sense of calm and move their body with ease. This Harry Potter routine is great for younger kids, whilst those in secondary school may prefer anything by Yoga with Adriene - This 10-minute practice is a great place to start. 

Reflection time

Thinking about our days, what we enjoyed, what didn’t feel so great and our current emotional state is a great way to ground ourselves. The same goes for those younger than us!

Encourage your littles to chat about their day, asking them three questions: 

1. What was the best thing that happened to you today?

2. How would you rate your day out of ten and why?

3. How do you feel right now?

For older children, you can get them to journal answers to these questions, or simply write a few sentences about their day. 

Creating connection

If you want to help your kids be in the present moment, this is a great one!

Get them to go outside into the garden or park (or even different rooms in your house if the weather’s not great). Have them take their shoes off and walk over different textures, describing them to you. Focusing on the sensations of the body in this way can help to relieve stress.

Natural Product Focus

Exciting news, friends! We’ve launched two new versions of our kid-friendly face cream in the USA. 

With the same well-loved formula, we’ve got deliciously tempting scents that you and your little ones are bound to love: Blackberry and Ylang-Ylang, plus Peppermint and Lime. Each blend is perfect for all skin types, old and young, with soothing strawberry and cranberry extracts. Not only does it calm the complexion, but it’s formulated to manage spots and balance oil, whilst also being totally sulphate and paraben-free!


Pssst…If you’re in the UK, don’t worry! You can now get our original, award-winning formula here.

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