How to bring summer into your home

How to bring summer into your home


It’s well and truly here.

Long evenings nursing a glass of something fruity. Opening the curtains to blue skies. Plenty of family time, filled with laughter and love. 

It’s definitely one of our favourite seasons in this house and we’ve been embracing it on a whole new level this year. I’ve really been putting energy into bringing the joy of the sun-filled months into our home, so that we can enjoy it whether we’re outside or not. Here’s how:

Fill your home with summer, the natural way 

Step 1: Use the power of smell 

I love a good simmer pot (also sometimes called “stovetop potpourri”). During December, it’s rare to find my stove without a pot of bubbling water, filled with cinnamon, cloves, oranges and anything that makes the kitchen smell like Santa’s Grotto!

For summer? Throw a sliced lemon, a sliced orange and some fresh lavender into a pot of water and put it on a low heat. It will make your home feel like all of the things you love about the summer season. Just keep it topped up with water, so that nothing burns. 


Step 2: Keep bugs at bay 

If you have spare limes from your simmer pot and aren’t planning on margaritas any time soon, here’s a little trick. 

Slice this versatile fruit in half and then poke a few cloves into the inner flesh. It’s a great way to keep mosquitos away, without having to use any potentially harmful chemicals in your home or garden. Then open those windows and enjoy the fresh air!


Step 3: Reconnect with nature

A great one to do with the kids, planting a small herb garden is a powerful way to connect with the season and spend some time away from your screen this summer! 

If you’re lacking garden space or even live in an apartment, this hanging herb garden could be the perfect option. Tasty salads coming right up…

Product Focus 

Home? Summer-ready!

Skin? Ready and waiting…

Our new clarifying range has come at the perfect time, to keep skin looking bright, blemish-free and positively glowing as the hot weather approaches. No more clogged pores thanks to sun cream around here!

Carefully crafted with only the best, totally natural ingredients, the range includes…

  • Our first Clarifying Toner, with organic aloe vera and salicylic acid to smooth, tone and brighten. Available in apple or sweet orange scent, as well our unscented version.
  • A Clarifying Face Wash, also available in apple scent, orange scent or unscented. It’s deeply cleansing, to help rid your complexion of excess oil and impurities.
  • Our Clarifying Face Cream, with tea tree and sea buckthorn, to calm and soothe spot-prone skin. 


Facial skincare

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