Keep your kids busy this weekend

Keep your kids busy this weekend

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself searching for screen-free activities to do with the kiddies. 

Whilst Bluey and Dancing Fruits may have a permanent position in many homes, we all know that being too entrenched in tech isn’t good for anyone. And that includes children!

However, coming up with creative ways to keep them entertained, minus the screens? That’s a whole job in itself. Which is why I wanted to share an activity that we’ve enjoyed doing several times as a family. Not only did it keep them occupied, but it left us with a special keepsake too.

If you haven’t made a terrarium before, it’s time to…

What is a terrarium?

Essentially a mini garden inside a glass jar! Sometimes they’re sealed and can even become their own, self-sustaining eco system. Importantly, they look super cool too. 

Why is making one so valuable?

Aside from getting your littles off their iPads, building your very own terrarium is a brilliant way to help them to connect with nature. Research has shown time and time again that this leads to an increased sense of wellbeing and health over time. Plus, it can be a brilliant teachable moment on everything from photosynthesis and plants, to evaporation, condensation and precipitation. 

What you’ll need

Plants: Try to choose a few with similar needs. For example, succulents and cacti that don’t need much moisture or tropical plants which love humidity

A jar: Choose either a sealed one if your plants will thrive in a humid environment, or an open one to mimic a dryer habitat


Pebbles or stones: Collect these on a walk to make the activity last even longer 

A spray bottle: Recycle an old cleaning bottle 

Anything else you’d like to include: Whether it’s shells, wood or even toys, just try to stay away from plastic to teach your kiddos about how to best care for the wider environment.

Making your terrarium

Step one: Wash. Everything. 

To give your environment the best chance of thriving, you want to rid it of any unwanted pollutants or chemicals. Wash your jar, stones and chosen additions with warm soap and water, then leave them to dry. 


Step two: Add drainage 

It’s important that your terrarium doesn’t become water-logged. Add stones right at the bottom of your jar for drainage. 


Step three: Add soil 

Next, layer on top about 2-3 inches of soil. 


Step four: Plant and add your finishing touches

Create small holes in your soil and pop your plants in. Rearrange them to your heart’s content! Now pop in your chosen additional items. 


Step five: Spray 

Use your spray bottle to gently mist your plants with water. Then seal your jar if you’ve chosen to do so!


And there you have it: A beautiful, educational activity that your kids get to watch thrive. If you do make one, be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram @naturalorganicfamily

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