Summer activities your kids will love

Summer activities your kids will love

We have 18 summers with our children.

That’s something I saw on social media this week that really made me stop and think. It’s almost hard to fathom, isn’t it? Just 18 summers to soak them all up while they’re still kids or teens; before they step fully into adult life and wherever that may take them. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the summer vacation. There’s so much to do! But, this year, I’m really trying to focus on moments of presence with my littles.

If you’re keen to embrace this period too, here are some of the outdoor activities we’ve got planned. 

4 sun-filled family activities 

Pavement art 

This is such a fun way to spend an afternoon, as a family. Invest in some non-toxic chalks and head to your nearest sidewalk or a piece of pavement in your garden - then just get creative!

Write, draw and wash it all away ready to start again.

We love to create “obstacle courses”, with lines to be walked on, circles to be spun in and hop scotches to complete to a timer.


Giving back 

Litter picking may not be top of your list of fun activities, but it’s a brilliant way to engage your kids with the local community and gives you a brilliant chance to just chat.

Head to somewhere like a beach or park and set a timer. Pick up as much litter as you can - don’t forget the gloves to keep things safe and sanitary!


Bug hunting

Get to know your local eco system and feel like David Attenborough while you hunt down creepy crawlers.

Make a list of any bugs that are abundant (or more rare) where you live and make sure you’ve got pictures to hand. Do it as a group or get competitive with bug bingo. 


DIY Crayons

A lesson in recycling and a money saver. Win win!

Get all of the odds and ends of broken crayons that you have in your home. Then pop some fun cookie cutters on tin foil. Fill the cutters with the wax and leave them in the sun.

And voila! New multicoloured crayon shapes.

Product Focus 

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