The 3 step process to smoother mornings

The 3 step process to smoother mornings

Mornings can be chaotic, can’t they? Especially if you have more than one little one to get ready and out the door in a short space of time. 

Establishing a morning routine that works for you and your family can be a game-changing step to take some of the stress away and keep things moving before the school bell rings.

Routines help kids learn time management, to stick to a plan and to cooperate with each other (and you).

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to your own, we’ve got 3 steps to creating a morning routine that’ll keep the whole family happy.

How to create the perfect morning routine that works for you, not against you

  1. Gather the troops to make a plan everyone can get on board with 

Would you rather be told what to do, or asked what you think is best? We bet we can answer that, and your kids will feel the same.

Even the littlest ones don’t want to feel like they’re being bossed around, so by bringing them into the conversation from the offset, they’ll likely be more cooperative and excited by the process.  

Parenting expert Laura Linn Knight recommends starting with a question: “What do we have to do to get ready in the morning?”.

Make a list of the things they suggest, and add your own, too. The bits they’ll likely skip, like brushing their teeth…

The Natural Organic Family Tip: Can you give your routine a name? “Who’s ready for The Ninja Run? Let’s go!”

  1. Create a poster and give your new routine pride of place

It’s time to get creative and visualise the plan. 

Kids love an excuse for arts and crafts, so give them the task of creating a poster that shows each step of the routine.

Add photos or visual cues if you like, to act as reminders for when they’re doing the routine independently.

Things you could include:

- Wakey wakey time

- Into the bathroom: brush hair and teeth, skincare

- Make the bed and get dressed

- Enjoy a yummy breakfast

- Shoes on, bags collected 

- Out the door we go!

  1. Make skincare fun

Having happy, healthy skin (and understanding how to keep it that way) is a great way to keep your little ones feeling their best for the day ahead while keeping their delicate skin nourished and protected.

To make this part of the routine more fun, choose products that are kid-safe. Both for sensitive young faces and for them to do on their own.

If they see you doing your own skincare rituals, they’ll likely want in on the action. By giving them their own special products you’ll empower them to take control, and reduce the risk of them splodging your most cherished products on the floor (again).

The Natural Organic Family Tip: Encourage your kids to draw faces on their faces with their face cream, and then have great fun smooshing it all in!

Natural Product Focus

Speaking of face cream, we’ve worked our butts off to make one that’s ideal for your little ones. And we’re pleased as punch that it’s an award winner, too. 

Our Face Cream for Kids has been developed for all skin types to help balance oils, reduce redness and inflammation, nourish the skin and help fight acne-causing bacteria.

Happy skin, happy kids… happy parents!

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